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Viola - Little Girl!

A few weeks ago I got to try a sample of (@guardianrepels) #Guardian’s #wilderness #mosquito and #tick repellent to review. Mosquito repellent is usually just fine for the backyard barbecues I attend in the summertime — the added bonus of keeping ticks away is a nice feature that the usual repellent I use does not offer. Being a former scout wilderness labeled repellent usually smells horrible but Guardian has a nice light scent. #WeBeatDEET

*DISCLAIMER* I received this product for review from @Influenster #Voxbox

I’ve tried to hold on to this radio because my father gave it to me and I don’t have many things to remember him by… But its all broken up now. #boombox #radio #coby #trash

Movies!! Don’t ask which one… #taiwanbrown #thisisme #me (at UA Kaufman Astoria Stadium 14)

Waiting for Sunday school… #omittelevision polo … #igotochurchchallenge

Frankfurt MTV Music Awards (Loop Pack) from Labmeta on Vimeo.

Custom LED Content for the MTV Voices Party, a precursor to the main event at the MTV Music Awards in Frankfurt.

Steven Van Patten

The New York Comic Con is always fun! The Cosplay is amazing and in some cases awe-inspiring. There is always the chance to meet someone who has either brought a nerd favorite to life, like say Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, or someone like Stan Lee, who has brought dozens of heroes to America’s consciousness. It’s a bright, bold and dazzling affair… one of the biggest to occur annually in a bright, bold and dazzling city that serves as a precursor for the Halloween season.

Now, I did not get a chance to make it this year to NYCC to play dress up, or even buy that coveted X-Men #173. I reached out to ask a very important music question of someone, whom attendees did see at booth 976.

The Horror Writer’s Association is an international organization comprised of fans and – you guessed it—writer’s of horror in it’s various forms. Giants of the genre like Stephen King and Clive Barker along with many other experts and scribes inhabit the long list of membership and they all know all things scary, in all of its forms. One of those other horror genre experts is someone who I met during my time at FUSE. When he’s not stage managing at the music channel or some other show, Steven Van Patten can be found signing copies of the Brookwater’s Curse vampire trilogy he’s penned.
Steven Van Patten

So since he has both the rare insight into monsters and today’s music stars, I decided to have a little fun by asking him which music stars remind him most of his favorite creatures of the night.

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Arlis Michaels’ Don’t Hate Me Hate Your Job hit DatPiff back in May… usually this site is flooded with artist that don’t meet my lyrical needs but Arlis did. How did I miss this one! I am one of the over 10,000+ downloaders!

Your first track should be track 5’s Like Me (produced by Hit-Boy), it speaks for itself! My favorite track is PoundCake, He shouts classic lyrical MCs / Rappers that I still enjoy streaming on Spotify - no wonder I like his flow. If you truly know me, I’m not all about the cursing but I let Michaels slide because I feel he isn’t one of them dudes that drops n-words to sound cool. Also you know I love some good original wordplay, That’s on all tracks of Don’t Hate Me Hate Your Job!

I hope to hear more from Arlis Michaels very soon. “Life is beautiful.” Download these free tracks now!


Bye #verizon… Gonna miss a few things! Wish I could have sent an email blast to my favorite customers!

I will not miss these scanning guns… Hope I don’t need to interact with them too much in the future! #scanninggun

It just the little things you go… #goodmorninggoodmusic … Packing… Last day of work! #debarge #classic #pandora #chromecast

Coworker tells me to order anything for lunch and hands me a credit card… He is lucky I only craved wings… Had to go easy since he is the one that got me lobster tail last week! Gonna miss this dude… Hopefully Verizon will recognize him! #wings #fries #foodporn

Tomorrow is my last day!!!! Yes! #bye #twodaysnotice will miss the nice customers… Not the snobs…

I recommend asking for Steve if you visit this location, if you want great service. (at Verizon Wireless)