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Photo of Taiwan BrownBrooklyn born, Former MTV VJ turned Internet Socialite, Video Blogger, and Hip-Hop Culture fan from Plainfield, NJ.

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Who told Kandy her highlights were cute? @kandicediamond hahahah

So @kandicediamond deleted her decade old MySpace page JUST NOW… So I gotta go to all her friends pages and get her photos… I already got about 7 of them… Big shutout to Google!!

She threatened to put up photos of me in my afro… She gon learn tonight!

I just found this on @kandicediamond’s MySpace page… When she found out I was on her page… She just figured out her password and deleted everything!

The Notorious B.I.G. Listing the Names of Some Video Game Consoles

Taiwan Brown presents: How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

I was talking to an owner of a startup I am freelancing for… and they brought up BuzzFeed so I decided to check out the jobs page… found something I could do!

The site said: “Instead of a cover letter, please send us instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Text, images, video… the format for your PB&J tutorial is up to you, as long as following your instructions results in a really delicious sandwich.”

So quickly before work I shot me making a PB & J and quickly edited it when I got home that night. I wasn’t sure what how old the post was so I did this quickly. It’s not for a creative project, but I feel like I want to start getting back into side production projects :)

Need to get a camera first.

I don’t usually do this… But you always change your style up for a Queen that is worth it… 😉 thank you @classy_colb 😊 !!!!!

Me and @kandicediamond at her party …. Before my car got shot up :( lol thankfully they had very bad aim!!

its been so song!!!! love the postal service!!!

Big shoutout to the #surgemovement and #savesurge for getting #coke to bring back #surge… Just ordered!!! Thank you!!! Amazon.com/surge let’s make it sellout!!!!


#ellethedog is the first dog invited to perform at #TEDxFATLAB at EyebeamNYC

(via ellethedog)

Since I haven’t seen you for over a decade I’ll just post this picture of is from school… @badd_angel :) happy birthday!!!

I’m late… Happy birthday @kandicediamond … We will go skating some other time… I’ll let you cut the list of all of the other people I told I would go skating with, lol. :)

At work, dumb early, because of people that don’t want to use their current iPhone to pre-order the new iPhone…. You rather get up and drive to a a store instead of turning on your computer… When Walmart started putting Black Friday items online… I stopped going out. That’s what technology is all about… What’s the opposite of lazy? 😅😅😅

Seniors, you get a pass for having no PC skills. 👴👵

I know my local apple store must be crazy… I can’t wait to see the iPhone 6 Plus.

Joe’s Crab Shack in Newark by the Prudential Center… Never noticed this.. (at Joes Crab Shack)